Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey, Fix Up That Topwater!

Almost all lures are ready to fish with right out of the box,but some can use just a little tuning up.
When it comes to topwater baits,I feel changes are mandatory.
Since I have been using poppers and chugger type lures almost all the time, I will address the most important mod in this blog.

First thing you have to do is put a number #4 feathered treble hook on the rear of your lure.Some baits come with them, but most have a funky fake feather.
Chunk that thing and get yourself some real bird feathers on there.
My favorite ones to buy are made by Excaliber.Since we are talking bass fishing, stick with a white or chartreuse color.Night bassin' may require a black, or red feather on back, or even dark blue.
I lack the patience or time to tie my own, so it off to BassPro for me.

And while your at it, go ahead and replace the front hook on your lure as well. My favorite bare treble hook is a number #4 made by Owner. I personally like a "short shank" treble on all my topwaters. You just don't need a long treble hook dangling in the water.

So why is the feather so important? 
After you have fixed up your topwater with this feather change, drop your bait in the water. Notice how that feather just hangs there. Now twitch that bait, notice how the feather kind of glides up and down.
Folks, this is the game changer mod for me. That feather is moving all the time even when pausing your bait.
Lots of times the bass will just chew on the back of the feather before they hit it.
If a bass misses your bait or is just swatting at it, the feather ( I believe) is what makes them hit it again!
Give this modification a shot because it's inexpensive and really enhances your topwater bassin'.
Mark Easterling

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  1. Great concept Mark with putting feathered hooks on your lures. It really enhances the lure, and gives some movement to the back end. Topwater does rock em!