Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey, You Better Speed Up

With a high river level,I was off to a new location this morn. Super quiet, water like glass,lots of laydowns and piled up brush on flats that ranged about six inches to four feet deep.
Shad were dancing on the surface, so got all set it get with it.
After about a half hour of pounding that place and not a hit, I just did a one-eighty.

I just ripped that popper as fast as I could reel and
popped it back to the yak again and again.I thrashed the water with that bait, and that's all it took.

I landed eleven bass in under an hour using that method.Yes small ones and midsize bass, but check out the bottom pic in this article. She slammed that popper reeling it fast.

So don't get stuck with normal bait retrieves all the time.
Changing it up can yield great rewards.
Instead of changing lures, just change your retrieve!

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  1. I got it all down now. Read everything you blogged. To bad its stupid December..........