Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh No! Not feathers on sinking lures!

Most folks know I put a feathered treble on the back of every topwater I own.Well, sometimes topwater does not produce as well as something that does not float.
So I figured, what the heck, let's put some on  the lipless cranks that I have been trying out this winter.  

Results? Heck yeah! Those bass struck those baits that had a feather on it. The one in the picture has the feather all messed up from the bass/drum(lol, not going there) hitting that thing.So don't be afraid to try this method out.
The baits in the pic are Cotton Cordell Hot Spots.They are the"suspending" model of those baits.

As Spring is rapidly approaching, it's time to get ready for super topwater action!
But, I also look forward to using the suspending lipless baits for Spring also.
If like me, you like to look at your phone while you fish, these baits work great suspending slowly as the bass is checking it out, as you check on Twitter.
Lol x 100   Put a damn feather on there and get ready!

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