Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bass Exploring

When I first got my kayak, it was the beginning of fall almost 3 years ago.It was so thrilling
paddling in water I always wondered about, amazed at how shallow I could float. Within the
first few days of yakin', the river/creeks were high and lots of flooded bushes, and this is where
I began to notice bait in the shallows. Just small shad skipping across the surface, right at the edge
of the flooded brush.The water even with the river being high was at the most 18-20 inches deep.

Well heck, here I was with a Heddon Spitin' Image topwater and figured there just might be
some smaller bass in all this stuff, so casting away is what I did.
As my bait laid down beside a small submerged willow bush whose leaves were almost gone, I
began my "slosh slosh" of my topwater.All of a sudden, that bait dissapeared out of site.
What? Then  the line tightened, and the fish was racing to get back to the flooded timber.
It sure didn't feel small, when all of a sudden her huge head came out of the water shaking that
lure every possible way.That bass weighed 6 + pounds, and is the one in the pic.

Never never would I have believed a bass would be in water that shallow.
To this day, I still fish this spot when I can get to it. The level changes daily.There
are times this place is a big old mud flat, with no trace of water on it.
Other times it will have 20 inches on it. To this day, I catch the majority of largemouth
bass in 20 inches of water regardless of the season/with the exception of late winter.
Donot ever pass up shallow water in your quest for big bass.

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