Monday, August 5, 2013

Clean that reel!

Everyone needs to be able to perform basic cleaning on all fishing reels. Basic keep up on them will provide years of trouble-free performance. No sure how to do it? Put your reel type and cleaning on a Google search or YouTube and you will be ready to go! It's super easy!

Look at my old Shimano 250 from 96 in the pic. She performs perfectly, and have never had 2 send it back to the factory!
This reel has been through alot. It's been dropped in lakes and rivers,handle has been bent many times, and works awesome because I clean and oil/lube it on a regular basis. Also, when it gets dirty, rinse it gently with water and dry off.Your reels will cast like new, and be sure to put new line on more than once a year, unless you want to lose that ten pounder. Lol x 100

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