Saturday, August 1, 2015

Black At Night? Maybe Not!

I'll be the first to admit I use black topwaters at pre-dawn.I'll also admit that a black lure held up to the night sky is easier to see,well I guess..let's hold a chartreuse popper up against the night sky...well it looks...about the same.What's all this funny business?

Well,after doing a good deal of bassin' in the dark,I figured let's just spend some time throwing chromes,yellows,and just regular daytime colors we all use during sunlight periods.
What's the verdict? I'm not convinced black does any better than other colors
I mentioned when bassin' in the dark.
I keep a log of topwater bass that I catch at night,
and unanimously all the other colors beat black.What does this mean?

Well it tells me that presentation is key over color.For me,I feel most topwater baits that cause some type of disturbance on the surface will get the job done.
Your results may vary,but don't be hesitant about throwing that white Zara Spook into the night sky.Just make sure you have a good quality feathered treble on the back( regardless of color) and you'll be in good shape.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh No! Not feathers on sinking lures!

Most folks know I put a feathered treble on the back of every topwater I own.Well, sometimes topwater does not produce as well as something that does not float.
So I figured, what the heck, let's put some on  the lipless cranks that I have been trying out this winter.  

Results? Heck yeah! Those bass struck those baits that had a feather on it. The one in the picture has the feather all messed up from the bass/drum(lol, not going there) hitting that thing.So don't be afraid to try this method out.
The baits in the pic are Cotton Cordell Hot Spots.They are the"suspending" model of those baits.

As Spring is rapidly approaching, it's time to get ready for super topwater action!
But, I also look forward to using the suspending lipless baits for Spring also.
If like me, you like to look at your phone while you fish, these baits work great suspending slowly as the bass is checking it out, as you check on Twitter.
Lol x 100   Put a damn feather on there and get ready!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey, Fix Up That Topwater!

Almost all lures are ready to fish with right out of the box,but some can use just a little tuning up.
When it comes to topwater baits,I feel changes are mandatory.
Since I have been using poppers and chugger type lures almost all the time, I will address the most important mod in this blog.

First thing you have to do is put a number #4 feathered treble hook on the rear of your lure.Some baits come with them, but most have a funky fake feather.
Chunk that thing and get yourself some real bird feathers on there.
My favorite ones to buy are made by Excaliber.Since we are talking bass fishing, stick with a white or chartreuse color.Night bassin' may require a black, or red feather on back, or even dark blue.
I lack the patience or time to tie my own, so it off to BassPro for me.

And while your at it, go ahead and replace the front hook on your lure as well. My favorite bare treble hook is a number #4 made by Owner. I personally like a "short shank" treble on all my topwaters. You just don't need a long treble hook dangling in the water.

So why is the feather so important? 
After you have fixed up your topwater with this feather change, drop your bait in the water. Notice how that feather just hangs there. Now twitch that bait, notice how the feather kind of glides up and down.
Folks, this is the game changer mod for me. That feather is moving all the time even when pausing your bait.
Lots of times the bass will just chew on the back of the feather before they hit it.
If a bass misses your bait or is just swatting at it, the feather ( I believe) is what makes them hit it again!
Give this modification a shot because it's inexpensive and really enhances your topwater bassin'.
Mark Easterling

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey, You Better Speed Up

With a high river level,I was off to a new location this morn. Super quiet, water like glass,lots of laydowns and piled up brush on flats that ranged about six inches to four feet deep.
Shad were dancing on the surface, so got all set it get with it.
After about a half hour of pounding that place and not a hit, I just did a one-eighty.

I just ripped that popper as fast as I could reel and
popped it back to the yak again and again.I thrashed the water with that bait, and that's all it took.

I landed eleven bass in under an hour using that method.Yes small ones and midsize bass, but check out the bottom pic in this article. She slammed that popper reeling it fast.

So don't get stuck with normal bait retrieves all the time.
Changing it up can yield great rewards.
Instead of changing lures, just change your retrieve!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Much Does That Lure Cost?

I'm as guilty as anyone. Looking at my plastic boxes full of topwaters,I can't believe how much money some of them cost.
Some of my baits cost over $20 a piece! And I have several like that.We all get tired of throwing the same bait all the time, but how much time do you spend throwing those high dollar baits?
Me? Well, not that much. We all have confidence baits and I think that's a good thing. What good is a bass trip doubting what you are throwing at the bass?

Lets take cost out of the equation.How many baits do you have that you have no fun throwing? Believe me. I have plenty that wear me out after awhile. Even if they produce fish, if its not fun, I'm out. Why? Because I have plenty of baits that catch bass that are so much fun to throw.
The cost of a bait has nothing to do with it's bass catching ability. Some of my favorite baits that I throw cost less than
$10.And to be really truthfull, the baits that cost $5 are my bass catching machines.
If you look at my pics, you know which baits I'm talking about.If the $20 baits caught bass constantly, I would be truthful and say so.
In closing, I want to to you I believe it's all in your presentation of the topwater. Not even the color is that important. Match the hatch? What bait fish is chartreuse or black? Around here, none.I honestly feel, it's how you maneuver that bait on the surface.Thats the reason a feathered treble hook on back is so important for becomes an important part of your lure's presentation.
I will continue to by expensive baits and cheap ones also.
The bass does not know how much you spent on the lure he or she is looking at. But confidence in what you throw is what counts at any cost.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bass enjoy a good picnic/cookout also

I really went this Sun. evening to work on my froggin' technique. So went to one of the public parks on the river, thinking most folks gone home.No, it was packed with people enjoying the weather etc.

Lots of laydowns in this area by the main road, so that's where I started. I frogged for two hours catching small bass and lost the rest! Must work harder.

Before going home I had 2 throw at a couple of big limbs right by my truck. People everywhere, cooking out, playing music, fishing for bream. The water is about 10-12 inches deep, so threw a PopR right by that limb.
The rest is history. Big ole' girl smashed that bait! Be sure to look at the pic. She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces.
This all proves bass dig a good cookout and people around. I had quite an audience as I fought her in. They were not understanding why I released her. Lol x 100